Medium Bombe A23 Louis XV Two Drawer 5010B Louis XV Top Shelf 5010S Louis XV One Drawer 5010V Louis XVI 5011
Louis XV Highleg 5050B Louis XVI Chamber 5059 Louis XV Provence Chamber 5074 Directoire 5075 Louis XVI Transitional Bedside 5080
Louis XVI Transitional Chamber 5081 Antique Directoire Nightstand & Commode 9000A&B Antique Louis XVI Oval Bedside 9001 Antique Louis XV French Country Bedside 9002

Bedside Commodes Are Available In Custom Specifications In Any Painted Or Wood Finish Of Your Choice

Devon Shops is the leading maker of fine hand-carved French Classic and Transitional furnishings.

Our workshop is staffed with Master Artisans who create custom furniture all based on the refined Traditional design of each era. .

Working entirely by hand using the finest woods our pieces are painstakingly and meticulously crafted to last generations.

Our furniture has been installed in homes throughout the world.